Sunday 2 December 2012

10 top reasons for BCO to be the only choice when choosing a hunt in BC.

  1. The crew: Big Country Outfitters has a great group of people involved with the operation. From booking to guiding, clients can expect a professional, knowledgeable,  friendly, high level of service. If you have ever shared a camp with a great bunch of hunting buddies......that's exactly what it is like to hunt with the BCO crew.
  2. Location: BCO currently operates 2 guides areas, both areas were acquired after careful research. We understand that it is better to have 1500sq miles of prime big game country, rather then 3000sq miles of okay hunting. North central BC is well known for its quantity and quality of big game species, we feel that our exclusive guide areas are among the best.
  3. Customized hunts: Clients come in all shapes, sizes, and levels of experience, and each client also knows what their perfect hunt would look like. We actively interact with our clients and work hard to ensure they receive a hunt of a life time. 
  4. Guaranteed tags: no draws......we have tags for Moose, Elk, Deer,         G bear, Black bear, Cougar, Wolf, and Lynx.
  5. Great guides: We hire only the best guides in the country, and we (as the  owner/operators) share all the guiding responsibilities. 
  6. No overcrowding: It is one of our basic policies not to overbook our hunts. We stress quality over quantity. 
  7. Success rates: Our client's success is our success. We do not mix numbers and post inflated numbers.....we shoot for 100%.
  8. Incredible camps and food: There is a number of things we cannot, animal movement......but we can control our camp life. 
  9. Rut hunts: We book rut hunts for each of our big game species.
  10. Experience: We operate with over 50 years of guiding and hunting experience! 

Well there you have it....these are just a few good reasons why BCO should be on your hunt'n to-do list. 

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