Tuesday 10 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Crew of BCO to all of you out there! So, are you planning to eat less and loose weight? Is your resolution to spend more time with your family.....make more money......call on an old friend....what about taking that hunting adventure that you have thought about since you first spent time in the back country. It is not unlikely that you have taken several white tail deer, maybe a turkey or two, heck you may have even had a chance to harvest a majestic elk. But, what about that thought.....that feeling....inside of you that aches for a new adventure.
Imagine walking into a classic "wall-tent" hunting camp. In the center of the camp is a warm campfire, with a welcoming pot of coffee just off to the edge of the flames. Forming a ring around the fire are round blocks of wood stood up on end and used as stools, from which hunters and guides relive tales of hunting adventures... past and present. Over just to the right is the large cook tent, and from that come all the incredible smells and sounds of a hearty meal being prepared, soon hunters will pour into the tent to "belly-up". Down just off center to the left of camp, positioned high in two large spruce trees, is the meat pole. Hanging from the pole is the carcass of a large Mule deer buck and a decent Bull moose.....two of the four hunters in camp sleep just a little easier thanks to their success in the field. Directly to your left are three well constructed classic wall tents, here is where you will call home for the next eight days. As night closes in you look directly to the sky, there is no other man-made lights....just stars as far as you can see! The air has a chill to it......this will more then likely mean critters will be moving again tomorrow morning. As you approach the campfire you pick up on some of the "camp talk", half based in reality and the other half drawn straight from an imagination.....you can't wait for your turn. This is your dream hunting camp, we are there every year but are you there?
If this year is your year....the year you take an adventure that will have a lasting affect on the rest of your life....the year you meet some folks from a completely different walk of life, and leave calling them your friends.....the year that big Bull, Boar, or Buck rests broadside in your cross hairs..........don't put it off another year. Make this year the one you book on with a reputable Outfitter and travel North to a hunt of a life time......WE ARE HERE WAITING FOR YOU!

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